006 Artificial Intelligence

006 Artificial Intelligence
60 Seconds Into the Future

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Artificial Intelligence or AI, has as its goal to allow computers to perceive and learn from their environment in order to adapt to situations and better solve problems without direct human input .

When talking about “Artificial” Intelligence, many people assume that the intelligence we are trying to create will be recognizable as human intelligence, as often portrayed in science-fiction.

However, AI can not create computers intelligent like a human being, but instead will allow them to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, while appearing to be intelligent to humans. This is an important distinction. The ability sound human is is not actual critical artificial intelligence, only for our ability to interface with computers.

The best an AI system can hope to achieve, then, is an ersatz human intelligence. It will be faster at certain computational tasks, but that intelligence is a simulacra, meant to fool us into thinking we are interacting with a consciousness similar to our own.

In fact, AI will always be as alien as any bugged eye monster from science fiction.